Sports Debate

A fortnightly podcast debating the big issues in sport. Hosted by Dr John P. Mills, Dr Fergus Guppy, Dr Nelson Cortes, Jay Matthams MSc, Henry-Titley-Wall MSc, and Tristan Mayglothling MSc. Each fortnight, Dr Mills chairs a debate between two of our co-hosts. Each co-host makes their argument before cross-examining the other. At the end of the episode, Dr Mills provides a summary and chooses his winner of the debate.

You can contact us on Twitter (@sportsdebatepod), email sports-debate@awfullygood.org, or leave us a voicemail message via speakpipe.com/SportsDebate.

Season One is now available wherever you get your podcasts.

Latest Episodes

Should the Tokyo Olympics be Cancelled?

25th of May 2021

Tristan Mayglothling, Jay Matthams, and John Mills discuss the issue the arguments for and against cancelling the Tokyo Olympics. 

Please note, this was a first pilot but as the discussion was juicy and topical, we decided to share anyway.

Transcript available here: https://www.awfullygood.org/blog/

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Should All Sports Have a Mercy Rule?

21st September 2021

In today's episode, Dr Nelson Cortes and Tristan Mayglothling debate the use of mercy rules in Sport. 

Transcript available here: https://www.awfullygood.org/blog/


Do Managers Ever Really Lose the Dressing Room?

5th of October 2021

In today's episode, Henry Titley-Wall and Jay Matthewms debate whether managers ever really lose the dressing room? 

Transcript available here: https://www.awfullygood.org/blog/


Do We Expect Too Much From Athletes?

19th of October 2021

Henry Titley-Wall and Dr Nelson Cortes debate whether we expect too much from athletes. The discussion was brought about after athletes received both consistent support and degradation in the media for using their platform. 

Transcript available here: https://www.awfullygood.org/blog/