Learning should be fun

For many people, learning is a chore. Education is something to suffer through to achieve a piece of paper. It shouldn’t be.

Many push a certain approach. They encourage silos and box-ticking. They treat learners as vessels to be filled and position the teacher as the font of all knowledge.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We believe learning should be enjoyable. It feels great to work hard on a problem and find a solution. To receive encouragement and follow or develop a new passion.

Learning should be a collaborative endeavour. It should be creative. It should develop lifelong learners equipped with the skills needed to thrive in the 21st century.

We do things differently.

Instead of trying to fit people to a rigid system, we create the system to fit the people.

We use intrinsically motivating activities (e.g., sport, exercise, video games, clubs, and team activities) to engage the disengaged. To ignite a love of learning. And, hopefully, change lives for the better.

In practice this means

black dog holding gaming controller

Gamers vs Depression

Using computer games to start a discussion with young men about how they can spot the signs of mental ill-health and support their friends.

footballers on bench

Half a Yard

Using football to Improve classroom behaviour by enhancing on-field/court teamwork and showing how these skills can transfer across domains.


We are also available to help you understand the impact of your work. Our team blends expertise in education, psychological science, research design and methods, and public relations. We have worked with national social enterprises through to government agencies to help them to better understand and communicate the change they are creating.