Hey everyone—

I’m Dr John Mills, a Director here at That Awfully Good Community Interest Company.

For many people, education is a chore. Something to suffer through to achieve a piece of paper. It shouldn’t be.

Outcomes are useful, but it is the process that matters and shapes who we are.

It feels great to work hard on a problem and find a solution. Receive encouragement to keep following your passion. Or be shown how a skill transfers between contexts.

We believe learning should be fun. Instead of trying to fit people to a rigid system, we try to fit the system to the people.

Not everyone agrees.

We use intrinsically motivating activities (e.g., sport, exercise, video-games, clubs and team activities) to engage the disengaged. To ignite a love of learning. And, hopefully, change lives for the better.

In practice this means:

-Teaching young men about how to spot and discuss mental health concerns.

-Improving classroom behaviour by enhancing on-field/court teamworking skills.

-Building character by reengineering the team sport environment.

We support the those we work with to become awfully good people, who are awfully good at what they do, and live awfully good lives.

If you share our goals and want to discuss how we can help, please get in touch.