Awfully Good C.I.C.

We are an education focused community interest company based in the UK.

We support those we work with to become awfully good people. Who are awfully good at what they do. And live awfully good lives.

How does it work?


Play and work together

We use intrinsically motivating and concentration-inducing activities, such as sports, dance, and gaming, as a framework in which to develop our content.

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In a supportive and structured environment

We believe education should be delivered through appropriately structured environments that utilise caring adult mentors, and utilise a positive social group or community.

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To create positive outcomes

By adopting this approach, our programmes positively affect outcomes such as attainment, character, citizenship, and physical activity.

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“I loved the structure and the discussion around the topics and how the lecturer would make us as a group look differently at the topic.”

~ Student Feedback

Focus Areas

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Personal Development

Our personal development programme aims to enhance curiosity, creativity, reflection, open-mindedness, and problem-solving skills.

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Social Development

The social development programme aims to develop team working and communication skills, cultural awareness, the importance of service, and citizenship behaviours more broadly.

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Character Development

Our character development programme aims to support participants to better understand the virtues, vices, and values that make them unique.

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Performance Development

Our performance development programme uses sports-based examples to raise awareness and enhance desirable attributes such as industriousness, courage, resilience, perseverance, enthusiasm, and conscientiousness.


Mental Health Literacy

Our mental health literacy focuses on using gaming and esports as a vehicle to equip the young people we serve with the confidence, knowledge and skills to have meaningful mental health conversations with the people they care about.


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