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Gamers vs Depression

Gamers vs Depression uses online gaming as a vehicle for developing depression literacy and better social connections in adolescent males. Gamers vs Depression is a Movember Funded Project.

Half a Yard

Half a Yard is a school-based project that uses sport to support young people to achieve that extra half a yard in their performance.

The project has two strands: (1) one-off workshops, and (2) half-termly in-school delivery.

Our one-off workshops focus on helping young people to navigate the various challenges around coping with the pressure to perform and transitioning into performance environments. Whilst our in school delivery provides rigorously developed and scientifically evaluated six-week sports-based training programmes to enhance performance-related skills (e.g., communication, teamwork).


EDUFU is a project that uses combines the greatest stories in sporting history to connect with and teach young people about topics related to character building, personal, and social development. Our learning process model builds on decades of academic research in economics, philosophy, and psychopedagogy to create problem-based scenarios that students work together to resolve. Although EduFu programmes can be delivered directly by educators, we encourage a blended approach to learning (where possible). Within our EduFu programme, we also offer small group and one-to-one tutorial support. As with all of our programmes, the content is differentiated based on academic ability.


Sports Debate

Like it or loathe it, sport is important. It provides colour to people's lives. A playground for children and young people to experiment with their character. A commonality where friendships are formed. All to often, however, discussions in sport are superficial. They fail to get into the weeds, the nuance, the good stuff. This is where Sports Debate comes in.

Each fortnight our team of experts, including five university lectures from the UK and US, come together to discuss the big issues in sport. We hope you enjoy our debates and if you are a teacher/lecturer, please feel free to use the content within your classroom. As we grow, we hope to be able to provide supplementary materials to help you hold your own debates.

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